Welcome to the Boulder Climbing Community!

If you haven’t yet, please check out who BCC is, what BCC does, and how you can get involved. Please make sure you’re aware of all current closures. And please donate or become a member, we need your support!

> 5/21-6/21: FRCS Upper Dream Canyon weekday trailwork
> 6/2: Upper Dream Canyon trailhead (SATURDAY – NEED 20 VOLUNTEERS)
> Jun-Sep: FRCS Third Flatiron trailwork
> 8/25: Rocky Mountain Rendezvous (trailwork in Lumpy Ridge)
> 9/13: FCC Flagstaff Trash Bash
> 9/29: North Table Mountain Anchor Overhaul
JCOS: monthly climber trail projects
> Eldo: trail days every Tuesday

> Jun 6: Next BCC board meeting at REI at 6:30pm
> Jun 7: Heather Weidner at Neptune Mountaineering (BCC fundraiser)
> Jun 12: Fred Beckey’s “Dirtbag” at Wilderness Exchange (BCC fundraiser)
> Jul 14: ABC Kids Climbathon (BCC fundraiser)
> Jul 19: A-Lodge Outdoor Film Night (BCC fundraiser)
> Aug 23: A-Lodge Outdoor Film Night (BCC fundraiser)
> Oct 13: Rocktoberfest at REI Denver (FRCS fundraiser)
> early Dec: FRCS fundraiser with Access Fund

Donate to local climber Quinn Brett’s recovery fund
> BCC is building an outreach event/marketing team
> Boulder Canyon climbing access maps
> JCOS: latest climbing information
> PPCA: donate for new bathrooms at Shelf Road
> Please report old or manky bolts you encounter