Meet the Front Range Climbing Stewards

2017 FRCS crew

2017 FRCS (left to right, top to bottom): JB Haab, Evan Andrews, Ryan Kuehn, Aaron Mojica, Beth Liska and Daniel Dunn.

In the spring of 2014 we managed to raise enough funds to start the Front Range Climbing Stewards (FRCS) in partnership with the Access Fund. The FRCS is a full time team of five hard working trail building professionals who work with volunteers to do nothing but fix trails for Boulder climbers.

Who we are: We’re climbers. All of us have logged a lot of hours as volunteer and professional trail builders.

What we do: Climbing access trails, like climbers, can be a little different. Due to the terrain next to crags, we focus on stone structures.  We build a lot of stone stairs, retaining structures, crib walls, and staging areas for climbs.

How we work: We’re adept at selecting and shaping stone. Once we’ve found material to work with, we’ve got some tricks to move it exactly where we want it. We frequently use a skyline to move heavy rocks – besides being ridiculously fun, it lets us work with a smaller crew and do minimal damage to the surrounding slopes.

Philosophy: At its heart FRCS is a conservation program – a community of climbers working to mitigate the impacts of our pursuits on the environment.  By coming together to provide sustainable solutions to the problems of our impacts we are assuring the right to access our climbing resources.

How to get involved: Volunteer, become a BCC member or make a donation.

Check out this great video about our work on the Royal Arch Trail in 2014. You’ll get to see some of our rock-moving and -breaking tricks!

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2018 FRCS SCHEDULE (subject to change)
Volunteers: signup at link above

  • 4/3 to 4/26: Gregory Canyon
  • 5/2 to 5/16: Nip & Tuck in Boulder Canyon
  • 5/19 to 6/21: Upper Dream Canyon
  • 6/25 to 8/15: Third Flatiron
  • 8/20 to 10/18: Clear Creek Canyon
  • 10/22 to 11/3: Indian Creek, UT
  • 11/5 to 11/16: Cathedral Spires


2016 Front Range Climbing Stewards

2016 FRCS (left to right): JB Haab, Ben Raiche, Aaron Mojica, Max Barlerin with some of their work at Darkside Boulders

2015 FRCS Team

2015 FRCS (left to right): JB Haab, Aaron Mojica, Max Barlerin

2014 FRCS (left to right): JB Haab

2014 FRCS (left to right): Ben Plankis, JB Haab, Aaron Mojica, and Matt Toensing