What Does BCC Do?

B.C.C. works with land managers and climbers to address the growing impacts of climbers at areas frequented by Boulder climbers. This involves much discussion and planning with land managers and other organizations, educational and outreach efforts directed towards the general public, and organization of stewardship initiatives.

Our primary stewardship initiatives are our:

  1. Professional & volunteer trail teams (Front Range Climbing Stewards)
  2. Bolt replacement efforts
  3. Maintenance and stocking of several wag bag stations
  4. Golden Eagle monitoring assistance in Boulder Canyon
  5. Graffitti cleanup
  6. Advocacy & education

Areas where we’ve been active:

  1. Boulder Canyon (erosion mitigation, replaced bolts, wag bags, eagle monitoring)
  2. Eldorado Canyon (erosion mitigation, replaced bolts, wag bags)
  3. The Flatirons (erosion mitigation, replaced bolts, wag bags)
  4. Staunton State Park (erosion mitigation, wag bags)
  5. Darkside Boulders (erosion mitigation, graffiti cleanup)
  6. Clear Creek Canyon (erosion mitigation, replaced bolts)
  7. Table Mountain (replaced bolts)
  8. South Platte (erosion mitigation, replaced bolts)
  9. Shelf Road (replaced bolts)
  10. Indian Creek (erosion mitigation)