Become a BCC business supporter

Hello friends,

It’s so great that your business is ready to support BCC. We need your help!

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It all starts with a donation

A cash donation of at least $100 gets your logo on our webpage which signals to your customers and staff that you support our efforts (and they should follow your lead).

  1. Donate $100 (or more) on this fundraiser page. It publicly shows the community how much you value the preservation of our local climbing. Why don’t you become a member too? All of our fundraisers will be added to this tally, so why don’t you also…
  2. Pledge for this year’s Climbathon program – even a penny for every climb will add up and help local climbing. This is our principle gym outreach initiative, and we need your help! We’re guessing in 2017 climbers might complete over 100,000 climbs during BCC Climbathons. If that’s too daunting you can support an individual event with a pledge too, or we can limit your exposure in other ways. We want to tell the participants that every climb they do will earn X cents/dollars (the bigger the X, the better for climbing stewardship). We’re also building a rewards structure for individual fundraisers – we’d love your involvement!
  3. Avoid paying bank/online processing fees – ensure 100% of your donation gets to us. Instead of donating above, mail checks to this address and they will be added to the online tally: Boulder Climbing Community, PO Box 17061, Boulder CO 80308. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Thank you!

After your donation, we’ll meet and discuss how your business can roll up their sleeves to support local climbing!

Volunteers: directly support our work on the ground

The best thing you could possibly do is become a volunteer and encourage your staff and customers to do so too. Even better, would you offer Paid Time Off to your staff to join us in the field? You can also support our volunteers by donating items for them – we expect over 500 volunteer days in 2017.

Fundraisers: our primary outreach and promotional opportunity

We have many independent fundraisers throughout every year (over a dozen in 2016). Each has their own sponsor/supporter offering. But if you commit to 5.12 supporter level we can ensure your brand is always represented at every event. We work with you to make it easy. Here’s our upcoming schedule/commitments:

  • May 20: ABC Kids Climbathon
  • August 3: A-Lodge Outdoor Film Night
  • August 26: Rocky Mountain Rendezvous at Estes Park Mountain Shop
  • September 6: A-Lodge Outdoor Film Night
  • TBA: Climbathons at Boulder Rock Club & Earth Treks Golden

Promotion: help us get the word out

Here’s the 2017 BCC supporter program. It lists supporter levels and corresponding promotional benefits.

We look forward to hearing from you! You can help!

Scott Rennak

Development Director
Boulder Climbing Community
(303) 818-3758 cell