Who is the Boulder Climbing Community?

It’s you, it’s me, it’s anyone that climbs in and around Boulder!

  • Flatirons scramblers
  • Eldorado tradsters
  • Boulder Canyon bolt clippers
  • Flagstaff boulderers
  • RMNP alpinists
  • Locals and visitors
  • And many more!

The Boulder Climbing Community is a non-profit organization that connects and supports climbers, climbing organizations, land managers, and businesses in the Boulder area, in order to protect and care for the climbing areas we love.

We accomplish this mission through the BCC E-News, the BCC website and Facebook page, live events at local venues, and stewardship projects out in the climbing areas. Our three primary stewardship initiatives are our professional & volunteer trail teams, our bolt replacement efforts, and our maintenance and stocking of several wag bag stations.

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Thanks to these awesome businesses that support the BCC's efforts:

rei The Spot Boulder Rock Club Colorado Mountain School Movement Boulder Earth Treks Golden