Who is the Boulder Climbing Community?

It’s you, it’s me, it’s anyone that climbs in and around Boulder!

  • Flatirons scramblers
  • Eldorado tradsters
  • Boulder Canyon bolt clippers
  • Flagstaff boulderers
  • RMNP alpinists
  • Locals and visitors
  • Guys and girls
  • Young and old

The Boulder Climbing Community is a non-profit organization that connects and supports climbers, climbing organizations, land managers, and businesses in the Boulder area, in order to protect and care for the climbing areas we love.

Our hallmark program is the Front Range Climbing Stewards, a full-time professional trail work team. We also have helped replace hundreds of old bolts and anchors, and have provided thousands of free wag bags at stations we installed.

BCC Mission
The mission of the BCC is to mobilize the local community and partners to care for the environments we impact as climbers, and enrich the outdoor experience for all.

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